3 Self Care methods i started in quarantine

I’m sure that I am not alone when I say that 2020 was filled with stress, anxiety, lack of sleep and lots of loneliness. Yes I was home with my family, yes I didn’t have to worry about who was going to watch my children or who would be able to pick them up, yes I was home for three months and was able to focus on tasks that tend to get pushed to the side when my husband and I are at work but nonetheless, it was incredibly stressful. About one month into quarantine I began to fully realized the importance of self care and now, 9 months later and back to work I still try and implement these 3 new self care methods into my day and/or week


Four Friday favorites

These are some of my favorite skincare and beauty products. When quarantine began I decided to take a hard look at what I was doing to take care of my body. Skincare was at the top of that list. I admittedly did a poor job at keep my skin clean and heathy an decided to make it a priority. I’ve tried a TON of different serums, creams and oils and these are my top picks


Welcome to my first blog post

Welcome, I am excited that you have stopped by and I hope that enjoy the blog. If you’ve read the About section you know a little about me already and if you haven’t, Hi! I’m Melissa! I am a married, 30-something mom of two. I work full time as a Dental Hygienist and I love what I do but have recently wanted “more” specifically creatively. My husband and I discussed me going back to school but with two kids and a husband that works 60 miles away it did not really seem feasible. After some reflection on things that I enjoy doing I decided to start this blog. I’m hoping that it will motivate myself and others to be proactive in our wants and desires whether it’s physical health, mental heath or just exploring things that you enjoy doing! My goal is to provide inspiration for lifestyle (home decor, family outings, beauty), wellness – both physical and mental, and style.

Thanks for stopping by. Feel free to reach out in the comments, connect to me via email, check out my Instagram or visit my Pinterest boards.

I’m excited to see where this new venture will take me and I’m thankful for your support.

xx MJB

September 15, 2020