7 tips to start your day off right

I don’t know about you but between the house, kids and work I am very easily overwhelmed and when that happens I becomes easier for me to avoid things which only makes it worse. I’ve recently begun to try and implement these 7 steps into my morning to help start my day off on the right foot.


Easy valentines decor

When it comes to decorating the house for holidays I am all about the Thanksgiving through Christmas season and then I tend to keep things pretty plain for the rest of the holidays. That is, until I had kids. Now I find that I want to at least do a little something for each holiday to keep the excitement alive for the kids. I’m not talking full house decor like we had for Christmas, but little pops hear and there. Subtle decorations that are easy to put up and more importantly, easy to take down.


Motivation Monday

Today is the last Monday of the year. Can you believe that?! The LAST one! This year has felt simultaneously extremely long as well as super short. COVID certainly through a monkey wrench into everyone’s lives but soon we can put this year behind us and look forward to 2021 and hopefully a better year. I’m not big on New Years Resolutions, I feel like they imply that you were/are faulty somehow the previous year. Most people can’t live up to the pressures that resolutions put on us and end up failing anyway and I am so not down with more failure and negativity after the hell of a year we’ve all been through. Instead of a fitness schedule or a resolution for my Motivation Monday I am going to set forth my goals and intentions for the upcoming months and year. I’m a firm believer that you get what you put out; be kind and kindness will come to you, work hard and success will come to you etc. So here they are, in no particular order or category:


Love where you live – a series – Brunch with Santa

December 15, 2020

Let’s face it, 2020 has been a bust. We have all been affected in some way by the global pandemic whether it’s having been out of work, vacations canceled, wedding plans changed, birthday parties revamped or being medically affected by COVID-19, it has downright sucked. Don’t get me wrong I usually try to see the positive in situations and this past year is no different. The positive of this year has been getting to spend so much time with my husband and kids. I’ll never get that time again and I’m truly thankful to have had that opportunity. While I’m sad at the things that I may have missed out on this past year and sad for my friends who have also been affected by this past year I’m also sad watching my kids going through this. Kids are definitely resilient and adapt quickly however I think it’s important being able to keep certain things as “normal” as possible. While me may not be having our big Christmas Eve party this year we did want to keep the spirit of the holiday alive for our kids. Finding a Brunch with Santa did prove to be harder this year but I was able to find one with an opening this past Sunday and it was fantastic. If you’re local to central Long Island then I would highly recommend The Club, a Public Steakhouse for your Santa Brunch.

I love the style an decor of The Club. It has lots of brown leather and grey tones with beautiful chandeliers throughout. The addition of the holiday decor made everything look magical. As far as precautions regarding COVID they seem to be going above and beyond. Reservations are recommended as they have everyone very spaced out. Instead of a traditional buffet brunch they brought as three tier platter of pastries to the table to start. My kids favorites were the mini donuts. Brunch included the pastries, an appetizer, entree and either Mimosa, Bloody Mary, coffee, tea or soda for adults. For kids over three they get an appetizer and an entree of a waffle or chicken fingers. Kids under 3 are free but can order an entree. I got the heirloom tomato and burrata as an appetizer and the breakfast burger as my meal. The breakfast burger was out of this world good. A pulled pork and brisket burger with a fried egg on top.

When I was searching for a place that had Brunch with Santa I found many restaurants with a Sunday Holiday Brunch but no Santa. I don’t know about you but spending $35+ on a holiday brunch without any holiday fanfare does not seem worth it. At The Club they had Santa there and he came around to every table and spent time with the kids and families. While my son may have been terrified 😂 it still created that holiday magic for my kids. The host even came around to the tables to inform us that Santa was heading back to the North Pole of the kids wanted to say goodbye.

After a year of hardships, stress and disappointment especially for our little ones this morning of holiday magic felt incredibly special.

If you’re looking to do a Holiday Brunch with Santa I highly recommend checking out The Club, a Public Steakhouse at Port Jeff Country Club. They have one more day of brunch scheduled for Sunday December 20 from 11-2.

Check out the Port Jeff Country Club website for more information


December 15, 2020 – Lifestyle

Four Friday favorites

These are some of my favorite skincare and beauty products. When quarantine began I decided to take a hard look at what I was doing to take care of my body. Skincare was at the top of that list. I admittedly did a poor job at keep my skin clean and heathy an decided to make it a priority. I’ve tried a TON of different serums, creams and oils and these are my top picks


Imposter syndrome

Imposter Syndrome. This is something that has been on my mind for a little while now and I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to approach this. I think it is why I have been somewhat silent on the blog for the last few weeks. Almost like I have to get this out there in order to move forward with working on my blog.


Friday Favorites

This set of Friday Favorites is all about loungewear. After indulging on Thanksgiving we could all use some comfy loungewear to relax in.


The postpartum struggle

I wanted to discuss postpartum because while postpartum depression is talked about often I don’t feel that other aspects of it are talked about as much. I remember when I was pregnant with my first child and feeling like something was wrong with me because I did not absolutely love being pregnant.


Podcasts I am loving

I first started getting into Podcasts about 6 or 7 years ago. My cousin (Hey Anna!) recommended checking out Serial and I was hooked. I’m pretty sure I binged it in a couple days. I found the story to be so crazy and interesting and the fact that he was still fighting for his freedom only intro one more. I recently started listening to podcasts over the radio and I’ve found some great ones. Now with the kids I can’t always listen to them because Disney Princess music always wins 😂 however, these are ones that I’m currently loving.


3 things I did that changed my skin

I admittedly have not always taken the best care of my skin. I wore way too much makeup, would go to bed without washing my face and would wake up only to put more makeup on. Ahhh, just thinking about that makes me cringe now. Well, I’m happy to report that I don’t do that anymore haha oh to be in your 30’s 😆 I’m not going to lie and say I woke up one day and miraculously started taking care of my skin, it was definitely a slow progression but these are the three things that I added that changed my skin.