Mommy and me matching summer styles

March 29, 2021

I don’t know about you but prior to having kids I never liked matching with people. In high school I never jumped on the “all of my friends wear the same things” train, my husband and I rarely coordinate our looks on date night or when going to weddings and even now, the thought of constantly matching my daughter and son or the kids to my husband and I is not my cup of tea. However, these styles from BuddyLove are so cute and summery and I can definitely see myself and daughter enjoying some “twinning” moments on vacation this summer.

I often find children’s clothes to be too “kitschy” with corny slogans or cartoon characters plastered all over. These children’s options from BuddyLove are seriously adorable. Basically it’s the adult version scaled down to children’s sizes. Not only do they offer mommy and daughter matching summer styles but they have men’s shirts and little boys matching summer styles. Now I don’t think that I would match everyone in my family regularly but it would be cute to have a father/son matching moment on say, Father’s Day or mommy/daughter matching summer styles on vacation.

I love this one. The style of the women’s dress is so beautiful. I love the ruffle detail of the skirt gives me that Love Shack Fancy vibes without the cost. I love this floral print for spring and summer. The matching daughter dress is so cute. I often don’t see this cut in kids clothes and I love it! This is a perfect example of children’s clothes being scaled down adult styles.

This matching style is the perfect vacation dress! I love the ease of this dress and the colorful floral print is so pretty. Whether wearing these as a matching style of separately this dress is so pretty. Toss on a denim jacket and it’s the perfect spring and summer dress.


March 29, 2021 – Style

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