Motivation Monday (on a tuesday)

January 19, 2021

So clearly I am a day late with this Motivation Monday 😬 I’ve definitely been slacking when it comes to working out and haven’t been feeling very “motivated” with fitness. Setting priorities and creating boundaries and a schedule have recently become very important to me. There’s not reason to sit on the phone and scroll, scroll, scroll for hours. Other aspects of our lives need to take priority as well.

I know that I’ve usually posted about Obé but I decided to try something new. I downloaded the Peloton app since they’re having a two months free trial and took my first class this morning. A 10 minute Intermediate Yoga Flow and holy moly I need to stretch! Yoga used to be a large part of my life. When I was in massage school is was a class that we took each semester for two and a half years and truthfully, I was in the best shape of my life. Lean, strong, grounded mentally.

I really liked the Peloton app however I feel like the obé classes are slightly more exciting and “pretty” and I say that loosely meaning the backgrounds are colorful and the lighting keeps my interest more. Now that could be because I did a yoga class and they were trying to keep things mellow. They both offer short classes, mine today was only 10 minutes. The Peloton app is also slightly cheaper.

They’re both great options for at home workouts. I look forward to trying more classes Peloton.


January 19, 2021 – Wellness

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