Easy valentines decor

January 13, 2021

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When it comes to decorating the house for holidays I am all about the Thanksgiving through Christmas season and then I tend to keep things pretty plain for the rest of the holidays. That is, until I had kids. Now I find that I want to at least do a little something for each holiday to keep the excitement alive for the kids. I’m not talking full house decor like we had for Christmas, but little pops hear and there. Subtle decorations that are easy to put up and more importantly, easy to take down. I’ve done a roundup of some Valentines Day Decor from Target and Michaels that will create that sense of joy and excitement around holidays but not be so overwhelming.

  1. An easy way to add holiday decor without it being so kitschy is by changing out your pillows. I love this red and white floral pillow, it doesn’t scream Valentines Day but add in a few hearts and your room is complete. That being said, I do like to add a few more “themed” decor items for the kids and I love the heart, love and love letters pillows. I think if I didn’t have kids I wouldn’t be drawn to these but like I said, I like to make the holidays special for them and I feel like the themed items make all the difference.
  2. When we bought our house I was so excited to have a fireplace and a mantle to decorate. The age old question in my house is if we should mount the TV about the fireplace and I’m always resistant because it takes away from what I can decorate with. I love these little heart table top decorations and the vase with faux felt roses. You can easily add them along your photos, some real flowers or even some natural wood elements to complete your look.
  3. My daughter loves adding garland and streamers as decor. Whether is a birthday party or holiday she wants it up so I added some garland options. Some are more specific to Valentines day while others are floral versions in pink and red. These could easily be used for other events/holidays too.
  4. My husband and I are not big on hanging things on the wall, we joke that we look about 80% moved in and we’ve lived here to 5 years. However, for holidays we make some exceptions (some being the key word) These heart wreaths are definitely more my style but I do like the LOVE shutter especially if you have farmhouse decor throughout your house.
  5. The last few items I added are hand towels and a throw blanket. Again, I find these to be subtle touches but not so overwhelming. This heart blanket from Target looks so soft and cozy.

I hope that everyone had a happy and healthy holiday season. Heres to looking forward to health and prosperity in 2021. Happy decorating!

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January 13, 2021 – Lifestyle

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