Favorite holiday movies

December 4, 2020

Happy Holiday Season! After this past year I think everyone is in need or the simple joys of the holidays, the lights, the hot cocoa, the family time and the holiday movies. I asked my followers on Instagram, follow me at Melissa.j if you’re not following πŸ™‚ what their favorite holiday movie was and I was somewhat surprised by the answers. Here is a list of the top choices in order from most said down;

  1. The Grinch – while I love this movie I was a little surprised that this was the top answer! There are also a few versions so I wonder if people are partial to a certain one or just The Grinch as a genre is top choice.
  2. Home Alone – I LOVE THIS MOVIE! I watch it whenever its on TV and they seem to play it year round. Home Alone 2 is also a top choice of mine, growing up in New York I always feel like this is such a classic NYC movie.
  3. Christmas Vacation – This is such a great holiday movie. I love a holiday movie that is also very hilarious and I laugh every single time I watch it. There are so many classic one liners in this movie. If you haven’t seen it definitely check it out.
  4. Its A Wonderful Life – This movie was such a staple in my house growing up around the holidays. It has such a great message so if you have not seen it its worth the watch. Its truly a heart warming holiday movie.
  5. Elf – I remember when this movie came out I fell in love with it. As far as new holiday movies this one is so good. Every time I watch it it makes me laugh and brings me joy. Thats what’s important with a holiday movie right? They are generally there to bring joy and happiness right?
  6. The last few movies on the list are ones that I’ve never seen so I’ll have to attempt to watch them this year; White Christmas and Holiday Inn.

One movie that was not on the list but that my husband and I love and think is a classic is Jingle All The Way. The cast of this movie is amazing and it is truly truly funny. Rent it, DVR it, find it online but definitely check it out.


December 4, 2020 – Lifestyle

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