Imposter syndrome

December 2, 2020

Imposter Syndrome. This is something that has been on my mind for a little while now and I’ve been having trouble figuring out how to approach this. I think it is why I have been somewhat silent on the blog for the last few weeks. Almost like I have to get this out there in order to move forward with working on my blog. Imposter Syndrome by definition is a psychological phenomenon in which a person consistently feels like a fraud or doubts their skills or accomplishments despite outside evidence of their achievements. When I was deciding whether or not to attempt this blog I was so completely sure of myself that I could do this and be good at it. Doubt was always in the back of my mind but I was able to push it aside and be confident in my decision and my ability to connect with people and portray my point of view with honesty and integrity. After a month or so I could see my growth before my own eyes, increase in followers, increased engagement, collaborations and even making a little extra money so you would think that this would boost my confidence and affirm that my decision to start this was a good move for me. However, the feelings of being an imposter slowly started creeping in and not because I felt that I was not being honest with what I am recommending or talking about on the blog or social media but more so because there are thousands if not more people attempting to do the same thing and some are extremely successful! Why would someone care what I have to say or what I am doing or what products I recommend? Those feelings are disastrous and can completely paralyze you from moving forward and advancing. Insert me! and falling off the wagon with posting on here. When I give a review or recommend a product or write a lifestyle piece it is coming from a place of complete honesty and love and is something or somewhere that I feel strongly about whether is a feeling of good or bad I am always honest about it. I can see my growth and development and believe its important to push back those feelings of inadequacy and focus on our strengths. Internal dialogue lifting oneself up may feel funning but it is so important! We are our own biggest cheerleaders and even if other tell us we are going a great job WE need to believe in ourselves. I was recently talking with some friends about this and its crazy to me how often people experience Imposter Syndrome. One friend was telling us how she was offered a new position at work in a completely different role than what she has been doing but her current boss was changing jobs and specifically wanted her to come with her, she was carving out a new role for my friend because she believed in her and her abilities and wanted to continue to work with her! How amazing is that and what a compliment! However, this friend talked about feeling like she wouldn’t be good at this and should potentially stay in her current role. Flash forward to now, she took the role and is killing it! but that fear of failing, the lack of confidence, the feeling of being an imposter can end up being an incredible road block for someone. Self confidence, whatever it may be in relation to is extremely important and something we all need to work on. Whether your taking on a new position at work, becoming a parent, starting a side hustle we need to boost ourselves up! not tear ourselves down. I am determined to work through these emotions and feelings and come out on the other side more positive and ready to kick ass on this new side hustle/endeavor that I’ve starting. I often speak about holding myself accountable and this is the first step. Being vocal about these feelings so I can put them to bed and move forward.


December 2, 2020 – Lifestyle

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