Friday Favorites

November 6, 2020

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This weeks favorites are all about Christmas. I love decorating the house for the holiday season. We usually wait until after Thanksgiving but 2020 has been a wacky year so who knows, maybe I’ll break out the decorations early and spread some holiday cheer.

1. I love this stocking holder. I can picture them on the mantle creating the look of garland. Kills two birds with one stone which I love.

2. Vintage car Christmas decorations also create a sense of nostalgia for me. Don’t ask me why but they remind me of Christmas when I was a kid, mind you, we never had decorations like this but it gives me all the Muppet Family Christmas feels (< classic Christmas movie that they need to make available again)

3. Letters to Santa Mailbox- now that we have kids it’s important to keep the magic of Christmas alive in our house. I love this little mailbox that the kids to write letters and place inside.

4. I love anything Buffalo plaid. Whether it’s a shirt, blankets, table cloth, I love it. This Buffalo plaid stocking is not completely in your face Christmas decor but I love the subtle farmhouse feel it’s gives off.

You can check out all of these items on

Happy weekend all! Have you started decorating or shopping for the holidays yet?


November 6, 2020 – Lifestyle

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