3 things I did that changed my skin

November 6, 2020

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I admittedly have not always taken the best care of my skin. I wore way too much makeup, would go to bed without washing my face and would wake up only to put more makeup on. Ahhh, just thinking about that makes me cringe now. Well, I’m happy to report that I don’t do that anymore haha oh to be in your 30’s 😆 I’m not going to lie and say I woke up one day and miraculously started taking care of my skin, it was definitely a slow progression but these are the three things that I added that changed my skin. It started with using makeup remover wipes to “clean” my face. I know, not the best but hey, at least it was a start. The jump to really taking care of my skin started around when quarantine began. I now how much more time on my hands and did not have to worry and stress about going to bed late and having to get up early for work. You see, I am the queen of stressing about getting enough sleep. If I have to get up at 5:00 am anything that’s not completed by 10:00 pm is not going to get done. Maybe not the best mentality but being tired and taking care of kids sucks. Anywho, now that I didn’t have to worry about working I didn’t stress as much about sleep so I began to put the effort in to certain areas of my life that I’d been struggling with and skincare was one of them. After some trial and error these are the three things I found that made the post difference on the evenness, tone, texture and clarity of my skin.

First- double cleanse. Again for the people in the back, DOUBLE CLEANSE! I’d been seeing people talk about this for a while but when you aren’t making time to wash your face ONCE a you’re definitely not going to do it TWICE! haha but now that I had so much time I decided to try it. I didn’t want to spend too much on a new product that I wasn’t sure I liked so I picked up the Burts Bees Cleansing Oil. Most makeup is oil based is not always completely removed with a basic cleanser. I follow this up with my Ole Henriksen Truth Juice Cleanser which is another product I recently tried and truthfully my skin has never felt cleaner. The cleansing oil also makes my skin feel super soft and not dried out at all.

The next thing I added was using a toner. This required some slight trial and error as my skin is sensitive and most toners are extremely drying because of their alcohol content. Some of the initial ones that I tried made my skin extremely dry and even break out (those I discontinued right away). I saw that the Bliss What a Melon toner was alcohol free so picked it up. I use it after double cleansing and apply with a round cotton pad. It does not dry out my skin and my pores appear much smaller since I’ve began using it. Toner helps to even out tone, minimize pore size and remove any residual dirt and grime. Even after double cleansing this seems to remove even more dirt off my face. To think that I used to leave all of that on my skin completely grosses me out now 😬

The last step I added was using a face oil nightly. I know most people fear adding oil to their skin will make them more oily and break out but OMG this step has make such a difference. I am still trying out some different oils to find one particular item that I LOVE but regardless of which one I’m using my skin feels so soft and hydrated when I wake up and not greasy at all! Especially now with everyone having to wear masks our nose, mouth and chin tend to get dried out and irritated. Using a face oil has helped to combat that. Some of the ones I’ve tried at the Burts Bees Rose Face Oil which I loved. It smells amazing and my skin felt so good using it but when I finished my second bottle and picked up my third it was rancid which completely turned me off. I’ll probably try it again at some point but it prompted me to try something new. That led me to The Ordinary Cold Pressed Rose Hip Oil and I like it, it makes my skin very soft but I’m not in love with it. My most recent purchase is the Beauty Counter 3 Balancing Face Oil. I’d been hearing a lot about this brand and had a friend from high school who sells it so decided to try it out. I figured with the breakouts I’m getting from wearing my mask at work that this may have the added benefit of clearing that up. I can’t give an adequate review because I just got it yesterday but so far so good and I’ll report back in a few weeks to let you know how I like it.

If you’re still reading then props to you as this has been very long winded haha but I truly feel that these steps have changed my skin for the better. It’s clearer, the tone is more even and so much softer.

You can check out the items from the links in the post or check them out from my LIKEtoKNOW.it page.


November 6, 2020 – Lifestyle

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    I got really into skincare right when the first lockdown started here in France and got myself an entire routine and I gotta say : double-cleansing is the step that really helped my skin! Also The Ordinary niacinamide/zinc serum!

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