Walmart haul – toddler boys

October 29, 2020

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I don’t know about you but my son seems to grow out of his clothes every 6 weeks 😫. Buying a new wardrobe that often is expensive! I recently stopped in Walmart and they had some great items for some great prices! So good that I stopped by today to grab some in the next size up too 😂

These twill moto joggers are so cute and for under $4 they’re perfect for kids because if yours are anything like mine, their clothes are stained about 25 minutes after getting dressed. I love this utility jacket! It’s perfect for the fall and winter. It’s actually two jackets in one, the inside blue jacket separates and is fleece lined, perfect for fall or quick trips in to the store. The addition of the outer jacket makes it a great winter coat for those colder days in January and February. This coat was only $30! One winter jacket for that price is a great deal so the fact that this can be two separate jackets makes it a steal. These long sleeves are super soft and perfect for a little boy on the go.

Lastly I grabbed these matching holiday pajamas. I always wait until the last minute and can never find matching in the sizes that I need. These are also under $5 which I love since they most likely won’t wear them much past January.

Check out Walmart online or in stores for these great items 😊


October 29, 2020 – Style

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