The only mascara I can use on my sensitive eyes

October 20, 2020

Guys, I’ve found it! The one mascara that I’ve been able to use on my extremely sensitive eyes! (Doing a little dance). I used to wear mascara daily, I actually used to wear a lot more makeup daily but for the past two years my eye have been extremely sensitive and my makeup regimen has slowly dwindled. It mostly consists of some concealer and an eyebrow pencil now but I’m happy to say I’ve finally found a mascara that doesn’t flake, stays pigmented all day and doesn’t irritate my eyes. I recently ran to Ulta because I ran out of my number one makeup necessity, my Anastasia Beverly Hills eyebrow pencil and happened to pass the Bare Minerals display. Something about the Love Every Lash Micro Defining Mascara caught my eye and I figured I’d give it a try. I’ve already given up on my old favorites, Lancôme Définicil, L’Oréal Full and Soft and Benefit Roller Lash. I absolutely love how each one makes my lashes look but after a few hours of wearing them my eyes are red and itchy and it needs to come off. However, I’ve been wearing the Love Every Lash every day for the past week and no irritation! Bareminerals is completely clean beauty and cruelty free which I love as well. I’ll probably go back to no mascara for my day to day but I’m happy to have found one to wear on nights out or special events and not have to worry about my eyes turning bright red 🙂

If you’re eyes are sensitive like mine and you want to try it out I’ve linked it here.

bareminerals Love Every Lash Mascara

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October 20, 2020 – Lifestyle

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