getting back to my love of fashion

September 23, 2020

In all honesty, I am not the most stylish person. I’m a working mom with two kids. Easy, casual style is me. I work full time as a Dental Hygienist and for the last eight years have spent my days in grey or black scrubs. Not exactly exciting style! And now thanks to COVID I’m wearing a hair cap, two face masks, a shield and an isolation gown too. CFDA Fashion Awards here I come! But in all seriousness I am very thankful for the PPE I have to protect myself and my patients, but, I miss getting up and getting “dressed” for the day in fun, pretty clothes. For a while my style outside of work has consisted on what is easiest to wear when taking care of kids or nursing as I am sure many of you are in the same situation.

I truly love online window shopping. I often will add items that I wouldn’t typically wear but that I love only to never purchase them. Why wear something nice if it is only going to get ruined by messy little hands or drool? I recently started to take some risks and purchase so of the items that I had added to my shopping cart And began getting excited again about fashion and style. I spent my 20’s going out to bars and clubs with my friends or my boyfriend (husband now), spending late nights in NYC and then BAM, you have kids and for the most part that stops and it stops pretty abruptly. You loose yourself a little when you have children and sometimes it takes a while to get back to being yourself 100%. It has taken me four+ years to finally feel like my own person again and with that comes spending time exploring clothes and fashion that I currently love.

My go to brands have always been JCrew, GAP, loft, Madewell, Old Navy. Seeing a pattern here? Casual style; t-shirt and jeans, neutral color palate. Clothes that are easy to mix and match, wear them day to day or dress them up for a night out with girlfriends or date night with the Hubs. I’ve recently rediscovered Abercrombie and I feel a little bit like my 16 year old self hoping to fit in with my A&F t-shirt. I do find it funny that back then they would never think of using black as a color in their line and now it is mostly Black, White and Grey but hey, I am not complaining. The majority of what I wear is black and Grey. However, their basics and bodysuits are amazing and their denim is on point.

So, if you’re like me and feeling like you’re in a rut with your style or are just looking for some inspiration then stick around. Whether its brands I love or ones that I lust over, current deals or shopping local I plan on exploring all of it to see where my style takes me.

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xx MJB

September 23, 2020 – Fashion and Style

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